Barrister Lorna Hackett

Lorna Hackett

“We must recognise that dietary over-reliance on animal products produced by intensive means has created an environmental and human health imperative. Now, at this gruelling time in our nation’s and indeed mankind’s history, it is more important than ever to safeguard human health, reduce environmental impact, protect and have compassion for animals, and of course […]

Dr Caroline Gorden

Dr Caroline Gorden

“There is no compelling justification that stands up to scrutiny when it comes to the continuation of factory farming. The systematic animal cruelty, damage to the environment, harm to human health, the threat of pandemics and anti-biotic resistance means that industrialised practices must come to an immediate end.”

Dr. Lynne Sneddon

Dr Lynne Sneddon

“Intensive farming of fishes can lead to unacceptable suffering and death of a large number of fishes. That’s why I am supporting the campaign to Scrap Factory Farming. It is time to treat fishes as sentient beings capable of experiencing negative welfare states such as pain, fear and distress. We must make fish welfare a […]

Dr. Richard Ryder

Dr Richard Ryder

“I support the Scrap Factory Farming Campaign because it is long overdue . Factory Farming causes Pain and Misery.Factory Farming is Cruelty to Animals. Most civilised countries ban Cruelty by law.Factory Farmers cannot claim exemption from the general law.Factory Farming is cruel so it must be scrapped !” Born 1940, educated Sherborne, Pembroke College, Cambridge […]

Prof. Peter Singer

Prof Peter Singer

“I support Scrap Factory Farming because factory farms involve the ruthless exploitation of tens of billions of animals, the largest-scale and most systematic cruelty in history.”

Dr. Hannah Short

Dr Hannah Short

“I am an NHS GP, a specialist in female hormonal health, and a passionate advocate of Lifestyle Medicine. In March 2018, I was privileged to speak on the role of plant-based nutrition in post-reproductive health at the inaugural PBHP UK conference. However, whilst I do consider myself a “plant-based doctor”, I choose to identify, first […]

Dr. Shireen Kassam

Dr Shireen Kassam

Plant-based health professionals UK was founded in 2017 by Dr Shireen Kassam, Consultant Haematologist and Lifestyle Medicine Physician. It is a community interest company whose mission is to provide evidence-based education on whole food plant-based nutrition for prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Shireen says: “There is no doubt that consuming animal-derived foods is not necessary for […]

Dr. Aryan Tavakkoli

Dr Aryan Tavakkoli

I am a consultant physician providing integrative support to patients with cancer. Every day I see people, many of them with young families, with a new diagnosis of advanced cancer. The impact of a cancer diagnosis on these people and their loved ones is devastating. Many people are unaware of the enormous role that diet […]

Dr. Laila Kassam

Dr Laila Kassam

“The world is facing multiple, interconnected crises: climate and ecological breakdown; the 6th mass extinction or what some are more aptly calling the ‘first mass extermination’; pandemics; antibiotic resistance; an epidemic of lifestyle diseases linked to unhealthy animal-based diets; hunger; inequality; and looming ecological and societal collapse. Another crisis that is deeply entangled with all […]

Prof. Amir Kassam

Prof Amir Kassam

“Animal agriculture is a degrading and inefficient form of food production that is causing enormous harm to animals, human health, and the planet. It is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions and climate breakdown through deforestation and grazing, intensive tillage and excessive agrochemicals for animal feed production, nitrous oxide from manures and […]