Nivi Jaswal

Nivi Jaswal The Virsa Foundation

“I lived most of my life in the blind belief that animals were put on Earth for us to tame, maim, use and extract “value” from – assets on a balance sheet of a CAFO/Factory Farm and ingredients in the formulation of processed products. At this point in my life, I not only ignored but […]

Iain Green

Iain Green

“How dare we continue to deprive animals of all that is meaningful to them in factory farms… we welcome them to the world by tearing them from their mothers, caging them in huge crowded barren sheds, slice away at their tiny bodies, removing what little dignity and hope they have. We take away their agency, […]

Dr Tim Finnigan

Tim Finnigan Quorn Foods

“The biggest challenge facing Agri Food business today is how to change the way we eat so as to assure a healthy and sustainable food future. A major platform within this is to reduce our dependency on animal proteins and with that the need for intensive livestock production. Our addiction to animal protein is quite […]