“I am delighted that Scrap Factory Farming have secured a hearing to argue for a judicial review of factory farming. I am confident a judicial review will bring this vital issue to the attention of the UK Government, forcing them to acknowledge the devastating impact of factory farming on our health, the planet and animals.
Viva! has campaigned against factory farming for almost 30 years and we will not stop until it is over. We fully support this campaign and believe the UK government should be held accountable for the widespread atrocities they know are caused by this industry.

Animals suffer short, miserable lives on factory farms. Often restricted to barren, dirty sheds these animals will be confined until they are transported to slaughter. This is no life for any animal and as a species it is our duty to make a stand against this abhorrent practice and ensure we put an end to factory farming.”

Juliet Gellatley, founder & director, Viva!