Liz & Cher

Liz Solari & Cher Chevalier

Liz Solari | Actress | Animal Rights Campaigner and Cher Chevalier | Author | Founder & CEO, Animals Actually

“It is fantastic that we have connected Sir Paul McCartney with the President Alberto Fernández in the hope of implementing MFM in Argentina.

We hope our works to stop the mass pig factory farms in Argentina are just the beginning. If a country like Argentina with one of the highest levels of meat consumption in the world is now taking action towards ending factory farming it is high-time for other nations to do the same. The impact that factory farming has on humans as well as animals and the planet is devastating. It is clear that it is time for factory farming to end. Compassionate living beckons. Abusing nature and killing and eating animals must end. Humanity must respect the sacredness of all life in its totality.

Please join us supporting Humane Being and Scrap Factory Farming. May we end cruelty to animals, factory farming and future pandemics together.”