Tim Finnigan Quorn Foods

Dr Tim Finnigan

Dr Tim Finnigan, Chief Scientific Adviser, Quorn Foods

“The biggest challenge facing Agri Food business today is how to change the way we eat so as to assure a healthy and sustainable food future. A major platform within this is to reduce our dependency on animal proteins and with that the need for intensive livestock production. Our addiction to animal protein is quite literally costing the earth, whilst inflicting untold suffering on sentient beings. Industry and investors alike recognise the need for rapid change within our food systems driven also by a consumer momentum that is accelerating sales of alternative proteins across global markets. However, in order to remove consumer uncertainty about dietary change and maintain momentum we will need to advance understanding through collaboration that builds a robust and defendable evidence base that can then be the foundation for clear consumer communication and ultimately successfully support behaviour change. Shining a light on where our production of livestock is carried out without compassion will be an important foundation for change and that’s why we support the Scrap Factory Farming campaign.”