Dr Richard Ryder

Dr. Richard Ryder

Animal Champion |Dr. Richard Dudley Ryder MA PhD (Cantab) AFBPsS DCP FZS
“I support the Scrap Factory Farming Campaign because it is long overdue .

Factory Farming causes Pain and Misery.
Factory Farming is Cruelty to Animals. Most civilised countries ban Cruelty by law.
Factory Farmers cannot claim exemption from the general law.
Factory Farming is cruel so it must be scrapped !”

Born 1940, educated Sherborne, Pembroke College, Cambridge (MA, PhD), Columbia University, New York, Edinburgh (DCP) and Tulane University (Mellon Professor in Department of Philosophy). (Experimental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Political and Social Science). Author of ten published books including Victims of Science (1975) that led to the 1986 Act, Animal Revolution (1989) and Speciesism, Painism and Happiness (2011). (Psychology, History, Ethics, Animal Welfare, Psychobiography). Much experience on radio and television, 1970s – 1990s. Created the terms Speciesism and Painism. Started campaigning on Animal Rights in 1969 with Brigid Brophy.

RSPCA Trustee (1971 – 2019), twice RSPCA Chairman, and now President of the RSPCA (2020 – 2021). Political lobbyist with Rt Hon Lord Houghton of Sowerby CH and Brian Davies (IFAW) in London, Brussels, Strasbourg, Washington, Canberra; campaigner in Canada, Australia, Scandinavia and Russia. Co-Founder and President of the Liberal Democrats Animal Protection Group. President of Animals Interfaith Alliance. Lobbyist in Whitehall and Westminster 1991 – 2000 as Director of the Political Animal Lobby (PAL). Active protestor against bloodsports, factory farming, vivisection, pet cruelty and other forms of speciesism. Founder of Eurogroup and Co-Founder (with Lord Houghton) of the Committee for the Reform of Animal Experimentation (CRAE), the Farm Animal Welfare Executive and the General Election Co-Ordinating Committee on Animal Protection (GECCAP) that succeeded in “putting animals into politics” in the 1980’s.