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Planning Objections

Intensive Classified Farms

Note these are based on the Environment Agency definition which is both narrow and omits cattle, sheep, goats and other species- see Aims page for our broader definition of factory farming

Please help us by objecting to these planning applications:

*** IMPORTANT *** Please, please put at least ONE OR TWO LINES at the start of each letter as to why you are personally motivated to object. This is important to ensure it is counted as an objection (a petition may only count as 1, regardless of how many signatures are on it).

Feel free to tailor the rest of the letter as well if you wish to. Individualised letters are more likely to make more of a difference. The template aims to give you some stats / ideas to choose from.

You do need to include your NAME on the letters and leave in that you OBJECT.

Thank you for adding your voice.
Pig farm
These are supposedly better conditions – many farms don’t even have straw.

Current planning applications you can help stop:

FOR: Planning Application – Process and Hints & Tips please scroll down.
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Planning Application - Process and Hints &Tips
Closed Applications
Application No.:DetailsEnd DateSigned
21/00337/FULMCononsyth, Arbroath - Erection of two 32'000 capacity free range hen sheds10/06/2021190
17/01033/EIABridgnorth, Shropshire – Four poultry rearing buildings – combined total of 210,000 birds12/05/202118
21/00910/PLFRudston – Additional 2000 pig places, taking the capacity of the site to 4,000 pig places29/04/202125
21/0239/FULDorrington – Demolition of 6 no. poultry units and their replacement with 7 no. poultry rearing units19/04/202145
21/00015/STPLFESouthburn – 1822 breeding sows, 240 replacement gilts and 10 boars10/03/2021100
20/03691/PLFWatton – finishing pigs from 30 kg to 105kg22/02/2021110
20/02870/FULDoncaster – 996 finishing pigs from 40 kg to 110kg24/11/202096
20/02534/PLFGrindale – 1980 finisher pigs19/09/202061
20/02841/PLFNunburnholme – 900 weaners19/09/202048
20/02617/PLFBoynton- 1980 finishing pigs19/09/202042
PA/2019/2064Bonby – 250,000 broilers19/09/202046
20/02435/PLFMelbourne- Stock shed – 100 calves19/09/202045
20/02089/PLFWest Farm – 2000 weaner house21/08/2020110
20/01950/PLF & 20/01972Bronwick Lodge – 700 extra pigs21/08/2020117
20/01971/STPLFEKilham – rear 4000 pigs14/08/2020119
20/02185/PLFKilham – 750 pig weaner unit01/08/2020206
2020/0646/AGNDrax Abbey – 80 extra cattle30/07/2020477
20/00881/STPLFWressle – broiler – 76000 birds29/07/2020113
20/01917/PLFHotham – 1270 Pigs22/07/2020384
2020/0650/FULMHillam – 1900 pigs21/07/2020556

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