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Lorna Hackett

Barrister | Hackett and Dabbs

“We must recognise that dietary over-reliance on animal products produced by intensive means has created an environmental and human health imperative. Now, at this gruelling time in our nation’s and indeed [...]

Dr. Lynne Sneddon

Dr. Lynne Sneddon Senior Lecturer University of Gothenburg | Aquatic animal welfare specialist

“Intensive farming of fishes can lead to unacceptable suffering and death of a large number of fishes. That’s why I am supporting the campaign to Scrap Factory Farming. It is time to treat fishes as sentient [...]

Dr. Richard Ryder

Animal Champion |Dr. Richard Dudley Ryder MA PhD (Cantab) AFBPsS DCP FZS

“I support the Scrap Factory Farming Campaign because it is long overdue . Factory Farming causes Pain and Misery.Factory Farming is Cruelty to Animals. Most civilised countries ban Cruelty by law.Factory [...]

Dr. Hannah Short

General Practitioner

“I am an NHS GP, a specialist in female hormonal health, and a passionate advocate of Lifestyle Medicine. In March 2018, I was privileged to speak on the role of plant-based nutrition in post-reproductive [...]

Dr. Shireen Kassam

Consultant Haematologist | Lifestyle Medicine Physician

Plant-based health professionals UK was founded in 2017 by Dr Shireen Kassam, Consultant Haematologist and Lifestyle Medicine Physician. It is a community interest company whose mission is to provide evidence-based [...]

Dr. Aryan Tavakkoli

Consultant physician. MBBS MRCP FRACP | Medical Director of Quantum Clinic, East Sussex.

I am a consultant physician providing integrative support to patients with cancer. Every day I see people, many of them with young families, with a new diagnosis of advanced cancer. The impact of a cancer [...]

Dr. Laila Kassam

Co-Founder and Mission Lead of Animal Think Tank |Co-editor of Rethinking Food and Agriculture: New Ways Forward

“The world is facing multiple, interconnected crises: climate and ecological breakdown; the 6th mass extinction or what some are more aptly calling the ‘first mass extermination’; pandemics; antibiotic [...]

Prof. Amir Kassam

Independent Consultant in Sustainable Agriculture and Development | Co-editor of Rethinking Food and Agriculture: New Ways Forward

“Animal agriculture is a degrading and inefficient form of food production that is causing enormous harm to animals, human health, and the planet. It is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions [...]

Jerome Flynn

Actor | Singer | Champion for Animals

” In these extraordinary dystopian days, the simple act of banning Factory Farming, would have a profound effect globally , not only towards the restoration of our planet’s ecosystems and the very balance [...]

Peter Tatchell

British human rights campaigner

“Factory farms are prisons for animals. Millions of animals are enslaved, worked to death and executed. As well as being barbaric, cruel and harmful to animals, factory farming contributes to climate destruction [...]

Vanessa Hudson

Leader of the Animal Welfare Party

A video from the leader of the Animal Welfare Party [...]

John Awen

Nutritionist | campaigner | ex small holder

“As Ambassador of Humane Being and the Scrap Factory Farming campaign: – I support and endorse this totally as we have no right to enforce a life of misery upon others, least of all the innocent creatures [...]

Liz Solari & Cher Chevalier

Liz Solari | Actress | Animal Rights Campaigner and Cher Chevalier | Author | Founder & CEO, Animals Actually

“It is fantastic that we have connected Sir Paul McCartney with the President Alberto Fernández in the hope of implementing MFM in Argentina. We hope our works to stop the mass pig factory farms in Argentina [...]

Clare Druce

Campaigner | Writer

“I co-founded the pressure group Chickens’ Lib in the early 1970s. For some years we limited our protests to the shocking cruelty inherent in the battery cage system, later expanding our scope to [...]

Nivi Jaswal

Founder and President – The Virsa Foundation Inc.

“I lived most of my life in the blind belief that animals were put on Earth for us to tame, maim, use and extract “value” from – assets on a balance sheet of a CAFO/Factory Farm and ingredients in the [...]

Iain Green

Director - Animal Aid

“How dare we continue to deprive animals of all that is meaningful to them in factory farms… we welcome them to the world by tearing them from their mothers, caging them in huge crowded barren [...]

Dr Tim Finnigan

Dr Tim Finnigan, Chief Scientific Adviser, Quorn Foods

“The biggest challenge facing Agri Food business today is how to change the way we eat so as to assure a healthy and sustainable food future. A major platform within this is to reduce our dependency [...]

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