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Dr. Hannah Short

“I am an NHS GP, a specialist in female hormonal health, and a passionate advocate of Lifestyle Medicine. In March 2018, I was privileged to speak on the role of plant-based nutrition in post-reproductive health at the inaugural PBHP UK conference. However, whilst I do consider myself a “plant-based doctor”, I choose to identify, first and foremost, as a vegan one. To some this is a controversial stance; to me, it makes sense and aligns perfectly with the underlying principles of medical ethics: Autonomy (of thought, intention and action), Justice (fairness and equality), Beneficence (do good) and Non-maleficence (do no harm).

As doctors, our duty of care applies not only to the individual patient in front of us but also to wider society.”

Above is a soundbite by Dr. Hannah Short supporting the SCRAP FACTORY FARMING campaign.

Dr Shireen Kassam

Plant-based health professionals UK was founded in 2017 by Dr Shireen Kassam, Consultant Haematologist and Lifestyle Medicine Physician. It is a community interest company whose mission is to provide evidence-based education on whole food plant-based nutrition for prevention and treatment of chronic disease. Shireen says:

“There is no doubt that consuming animal-derived foods is not necessary for humans to thrive. In fact, there is international consensus that we all need to drastically reduce meat and dairy consumption. This will not only benefit human health but is crucial to halt the climate and ecological crisis we are facing. The continued support of factory farming goes against all our scientific knowledge. As a doctor in the NHS I see on a daily basis the impact of factory farming on human health. Not only are unhealthy diets a leading cause of illness, meat consumption, particular red and processed meat, contributes to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers and early death. The vast majority of this meat comes from factory farmed animals. The cramped and squalid conditions the animals endure necessitates the use of antibiotics, which is contributing to growing concerns over antibiotic-resistant infections. The current pandemic has highlighted how vulnerable we are to new epidemic and pandemic infections, which are inevitable unless we change the way we interact with animals and their habitats. An Avian influenza virus is the most likely candidate for the next pandemic infection. Human health is inextricably linked to the health of the planet and all its inhabitants. As a doctor, my duty to therefore advocate for human and non-human animals alike. This is why I and plant-based health professionals UK are supporting the scrap factory farming campaign”.


Vanessa Hudson | Leader of the Animal Welfare Party

Picture courtesy Jamie Smith – from the AWP website

AWP Supports The Campaign To Scrap Factory Farming

John Awen

“As Ambassador of Humane Being and the Scrap Factory Farming campaign: – 

I support and endorse this totally as we have no right to enforce a life of misery upon others, least of all the innocent creatures we are here to protect and nurture.

I urge you to oppose all that is wrong in this world and lend your support and voice to this inspirational campaign.

For the Planet, the people and the animals.

Join us and stand on the right side of history and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Thank you.

John Awen.”

Above is a soundbite by John Awen supporting the SCRAP FACTORY FARMING campaign.

Liz Solari & Cher Chevalier

Liz Solari | Actress | Animal Rights Campaigner
Cher Chevalier | Author | Founder & CEO, Animals Actually

“It is fantastic that we have connected Sir Paul McCartney with the President Alberto Fernández in the hope of implementing MFM in Argentina.

We hope our works to stop the mass pig factory farms in Argentina are just the beginning. If a country like Argentina with one of the highest levels of meat consumption in the world is now taking action towards ending factory farming it is high-time for other nations to do the same. The impact that factory farming has on humans as well as animals and the planet is devastating. It is clear that it is time for factory farming to end. Compassionate living beckons. Abusing nature and killing and eating animals must end. Humanity must respect the sacredness of all life in its totality. 

Please join us supporting Humane Being and Scrap Factory Farming. May we end cruelty to animals, factory farming and future pandemics together.”

Cher Chevalier & Liz Solari